WTO Urges Move To Trade Ties For Food Security

The World Trade Organization is urging world leaders to strengthen trade ties as food insecurity, and climate change heightens concerns.

Deputy Director-General of the WTO Jean-Marie Paugam says the need for countries to use trade to create sustainable and resilient food systems is of fundamental importance in today’s global economy.

He was addressing a group of ministers at the recent Agriculture Ministers’ Conference in Berlin.

The Deputy Director-General said the WTO is promoting market transparency, keeping markets open, limiting trade restrictions, and minimizing pressure on prices.

Mr. Paugam added that the WTO is pushing efforts to support vulnerable countries and to reform trade-distorting agricultural policies.

With agriculture negotiations being stalled for some time, he stressed the need to update, rebalance and “greenlight” the existing WTO commitments.

He said agriculture and trade ministers must collaborate on advancing agriculture negotiations before the next WTO Ministerial Conference slated for February 2024.

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