World’s Oldest Person: Jeralean Talley Celebrates Her 116th Birthday

There are many different records to which one can easily point, but one of the most impressive is Jeralean Talley, age of 116.

World's Oldest PersonTalley is the world’s oldest living person. She celebrated her big day on Saturday in Inkster, Michigan.

Born in 1899, Talley has lived through the turn of two centuries, seen 20 different presidents come and go, as well as lived through World War I and World War II.

Her long life is lauded locally by not only friends and relatives but also people from around the world.

In a special birthday greeting, President Obama reportedly said, “The breadth of your experiences and depth of your wisdom reflect the long path our Nation has traveled since 1899.”

President Barack Obama also wrote in a letter to Talley. “During this time, there have been setbacks and breakthroughs, false starts and improbable victories, and through it all our country’s spirit has endured — strengthened and enriched by each generation.”

Talley was born in Georgia on May 23, 1899, one of 12 children. She moved to Michigan in 1935 with her husband, Alfred Talley, who died in 1988 at the age of 95.

The great-great grandmother inherited the title of  the world’s oldest-known living person in April after the previous record-holder, Gertrude Weaver, died at the age of 116 in Arkansas.

Oldest person ever to live within contemporary time

Jeanne Louise Calment of France lived 122 years, 164 days. She was born in 1875 and died in 1997.

Source: Guinness World Records

Oldest people in the world

  1. Jeralean Talley was born May 23, 1899, and lives in Michigan.
  2. Susannah Mushatt Jones was born July 6, 1899, and lives in New York.
  3. Emma Morano-Martinuzzi was born Nov. 29, 1899, and lives in Italy.
  4. Violet Brown was born March 10, 1900, and lives in Jamaica.
  5. Antonia Gerena Rivera was born May 19, 1900, and lives in Florida.

Source: Gerontology Research Group

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