Without Merit — Colleen Hoover

In the newest novel from powerhouse Colleen Hoover, readers meet protagonist Merit Voss. Merit is a high school senior living a pretty unusual life. Her home situation isn’t exactly ideal, with her divorced parents living in the home together with her father’s new wife and their child.

Merit’s twin sister and older brother seem to have it all together, and Merit knows that the Voss family is full of secrets. When we meet her in this novel, she is fed up with the secrets of her family threatening to spill the beans.

You’ll meet this unconventional family, learn all the secrets they have buried, and you’ll be forever changed by every page of this story that you read.

Merit tackles some pretty heavy topics while still holding onto that New Adult Fiction/Romance genre that Colleen Hoover fans are used to.

It addresses relevant topics in the world today, from sexuality to mental illness. It’s powerful. The material is tough to swallow and could be trigger worthy for some people.

As someone who is all too familiar with mental illness, I can personally say that Hoover does this topic justice in this novel. She tackles it with grace and respect, but also with a genuine realness that is often hard to find.

The message hit me right where it hurt, and I found myself crying through so many parts of this book because of how relatable it was. Because of the way that Hoover takes emotions that were swirling around in my head and put them into words that I could never have.

It helped me understand myself better, and my family. This book, like It, Ends With Us before it changed my perspective. That’s what makes Hoover’s writing so spectacular -she takes what you think you know and completely blows your heart open with the truth you didn’t know you needed to hear. 

The fact that Merit is a senior in high school, the messages, and themes of this book were even more interesting and important. The significance of teens reading this novel is not something we should underestimate. I think it could do a lot of people a lot of good, and I proudly recommend this book to anyone that will listen to me talk about it.

Even though Without Merit tackles the big issues, I promise that it still has the entertaining romance and charm that Hoover novels are known for.

You’ll swoon over Sagan, and smile with the heart fluttering, happy dance worthy romance that lies in these pages. The only difference between this novel and her past works is that it’s so much more. Hoover takes the reader on a deeply personal journey, creating charismatic writing and truly unique characters that will start to feel like your own family by the end of the novel.

Embrace its quirks, let the message seep into your soul, and enjoy every minute of the story.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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