Winston Churchill’s Grandson — Trump A ‘Daft Twerp’

President Trump has established a reputation for belittling his perceived adversaries by labeling them with all types of nicknames.

Some of the nicknames he has dished out to date include:

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un — Little Rocket Man

Former Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — Crooked Hillary

Sen. Marco Rubio — Little Marco

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — Lyin’ Ted

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — Low energy Jeb Bush

Sen. Bernie Sanders — Crazy Bernie

Sen. Elizabeth Warren — Pocahontas

NBC reporter Chuck Todd — Sleepy Eyes

That said, the President has also has been called names ranging from ignorant, mentally unstable, orange orangutan to a dotard, among others.

Now, the grandson of one of Britain’s most famous leaders has added another name to that list.

The president tweeted Friday morning, “Just out report: “United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.” Not good, we must keep America safe!”

Nicholas Soames, Winston Churchill’s grandson and conservative member of Parliament, responded writing, “thenfixguncontrolyoudafttwerp.”

Now the term ‘daft twerp’ has gone viral with people trying to figure out exactly what the term means.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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