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Windies Cricket Coach Calls For Rebuilding – Gets Thumbs Up!

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West Indies cricket coach Stuart Law has received kudos from pundits and fans alike for his take on the rebuilding of West Indies cricket.

Law, in an interview with The Cricket Monthly, covered a wide range of topics that he would like to see in the rebuilding process of Windies cricket.

Ten of these include the following :

!. Improvement in players’ work ethics

He noted that players would not be competitive unless they put in the hard work that is necessary to meet the challenges posed by international teams.

2. Increase in game awareness by players

He lamented the fact that Windies players often display lack of game awareness and consequently threw away their wickets when they should be battening down to build partnerships.

3. Effective listening

Learning through listening, he argued is indispensable, if players are to avoid making the same mistakes.

4. Self-monitoring and self-control

Law posited that players will always display a fair degree of ego and seek to add flair to their game. However, exercising discipline is of paramount importance especially at the international level.

5. Mental toughness

He argued that cricket is a mind game and it augurs well when players can bring analytical and conceptual skills to their game.

6. Setting goals

He stated that being goal driven is important and will lead to players success — desire and drive are indispensable if players want to make it on the big stage.

7. Maintainance of standards

He underscored the point of how important it is for the Windies to be guided by standards that cover pitches, facilities, and productivity.

8. Keep historical perspective

He explained that Windies has an enviable history, and it is important that players protect the legacy bequeathed to them by former players.

9. Work setting

He noted that cultivating a winning culture requires discipline and hard work. Therefore, the onus is on players to keep focused, exercise self-confidence, and think big.

10. Inclusiveness

Law argued that all players should see themselves as stakeholders in Windies cricket and therefore should have a seat at the table once they meet the conditions set out by the Windies Cricket Board.

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