Will Christmas Be Great Again?

“Let’s put Christ back into Christmas” has been a rallying cry it would seem every year at this time, especially from among those who are a little long in the tooth or have experienced a different type of Christmas celebration from what obtains today.

Also, the echo of “up with Jesus down with Christmas” is an increasing sound from those who may be described as Christmas rebels.

The fact of the matter is, today, there is a marked contrast in the way that people view the celebration of Christmas.

The crass commercialization and secularization of what was once deemed a sacred high point on the Christian calendar have left some people with not only righteous indignation but also anger.

Moreover, in a culture of political correctness, the Christmas divide is becoming more and more pronounced as the religiosity of the holiday is being driven from the public sphere.

Last year, for example, Starbucks striped its cups of the usual Christmas décor with the view of not wanting to offend non-Christians needless to say that this created a hullabaloo in the media.

The popular nativity scene that could be once seen everywhere as a symbol of the Christmas season has now for the most part disappeared.

In fact, many companies seek to avoid any religious aspect of the Christmas season like a plague.

One mall reportedly ditched its Christmas tree in order not to offend anyone.

Furthermore, some people are now afraid of saying “Merry Christmas” and have opted for the more politically correct term “Happy Holidays.”

And it gets even more bizarre with the swapping of “Christmas” for “Xmas.”

Additionally, Christmas caroling now seems to be an event of the past and if staged is done within the confines of a church.

Concerts held on school campuses and at public offices must avoid the name of Christ or Jesus or get called out and condemned for being insensitive.

To channel Donald Trump, the Republican President-elect, one may ask, what the hell is going on.

We want our Christmas back where the story of joy, peace, and goodwill to all people was the central theme and focus, continue to be the appeal of  Christians, but is anyone listening.

Yes, let’s make Christmas great again by being family, fellowship, and community centered.

Let’s put back Christ in Christmas and the ‘oy’ in joy this season.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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