Why West Indies Cricket Board Should Court Amazon

West Indies cricket fans at home and abroad over the years have been in a quandary or at a loss on how to access the broadcast of live cricket games played locally and internationally.

Cricket BallNow, with the advent of the development of Internet technology, the barrier to access of live cricket action ought to be one of the past.

However, to capitalize on the technology and meet the demand of fans, it takes some nonlinear thinking and marketing foresight — is the West Indies Cricket Board willing to engage in this?

The fact is attendance at cricket games in the Caribbean has remained sparse partly because West Indies cricket has not produced a star player since Bryan Lara retired from the game, nearly ten years ago.

However, Cricket West Indies cannot afford to write its own epitaph and must act quickly to bring the sports to existing fans as well as create new ones by any means necessary.

This, therefore, means building or facilitating marketing partnerships with companies both within and outside the Caribbean region.

One company that comes immediately to mind that West Indies ought to be courting at this time is Amazon.

This is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization.

Now, anyone who knows Jeff Bezos, the American technology entrepreneur, and investor, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazon will tell any willing listener that he has gone where no man has been before and Caribbean sports events and cricket, in particular, may just be a small step he may be prepared to take.

The truth is Amazon is hungry for a piece of live sports events action which it can easily stream to a global market audience.

The fact is West Indies cannot afford to continue to rest on its laurels or fiddle while Rome burns. Cricket is a marketable product and has the potential for a much bigger payoff than currently obtains.

The time for action is now, over to you Mr. Cameron!

Carol Maye, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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