Why President Putin Is Winning

President Putin seems to be having the last laugh as the war between Ukraine and Russia continues unabated.

The fact is the U.S. and its allies are already showing weakness in support for Ukraine and, after two years, are suffering from war fatigue.

Political pundits have now argued that Putin’s patience has paid off, especially against the backdrop of U.S. House Republicans holdout against allocating needed funds to Ukraine, Trump’s election polling, and, in general, waning support of public opinions for the war.

The truth is the West’s attempt to cripple the Russian economy through sanctions has not worked, and Putin’s political stranglehold on his citizenry seems unshakeable.

That said, there are different perspectives on why Putin is winning, depending on the context and success criteria.

Here are some possible answers that one could argue:

 • Putin is a decisive leader with clear and achievable military objectives, superior forces, and a willingness to defy the West.

He also benefits from the lack of unity and urgency among the U.S. and its allies, who have failed to provide adequate support and deterrence to Ukraine. 

 • He is winning in the domestic political arena because he secured a parliamentary majority for his party, United Russia, in the recent election.

Additionally, he has a tight grip on the media, the opposition, and civil society and uses various tactics to suppress dissent and ensure loyalty.

 • Putin is winning on the global stage because he has asserted his influence and interests in key regions, such as Syria, Libya, and Belarus.

He has also cultivated strategic partnerships with China, India, and Turkey and exploited the divisions and weaknesses of the West.

 Of course, the foregoing reasons for Putin’s victory thus far are by no means definitive or comprehensive, and there may be other factors and challenges that Putin must contend with going forward.

On the other hand, some people may disagree or challenge the claims of victory and point out the costs and risks of his actions.

Notwithstanding, ultimately, the question of why Putin is winning is a complex and controversial one and may require a deeper and broader analysis as the war continues, but for now, one can conclude that Putin has bragging rights.

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