Why Donald Trump Is Winning?

The Donald Trump MAGA camp is licking their chops as the general election draws nigh.

The truth is the Trump campaign is not offering anything new and different to the masses in terms of socio-economic progress.

However, Trump is projecting an image of strength that the Biden team is bereft of showing in the media space.

The fact is only a political neophyte would ignore the momentum that Trump is currently gaining in the polls and at the various rallies being held in different parts of the country.

Trump’s far-right agenda is no different from what obtains in places, such as France and Netherlands, as well as closer home, Argentina.

In these countries, there is a nationalist sentiment, and the proliferation of right-wing media has made their messages omnipresent, thus a great buy-in from the public.

In a recent press report, Gilles Ivaldi, a professor at the University of Sciences-Po in Paris and an expert on the radical right and populism in Western Europe, argued that the mix of immigration, security /terrorism, and economic anxiety makes a powerful cocktail for the far right in Europe.

The question here is what accounts for Donald Trump’s continuous rise in the polls among the general population and the Republican Party in particular, even amid the former President’s troubles – booted out of office four years ago, twice indicted, and mired in court cases involving criminal charges.

Political pundits have posited that several factors are giving rise to Trump as the new comeback kid.

On top of the list is the widespread dissatisfaction with the leadership of Biden, albeit he has done more for the masses than Trump did in four years, but alas, a case of perception versus reality.

Next, Biden is seen as soft on immigration, and with thousands of people not only lining up at the border but also crossing into the U.S. daily feed into that notion.

Additionally, people continue to struggle to cope with inflation and the cost of living, and the news of billions of dollars being sent to fight a war in Ukraine doesn’t help Biden’s cause.

The ongoing war between Israel and Gaza also compounds the situation when weighed against the backdrop of the evacuation fiasco from Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has failed to sell its message of success with any of its implemented programs. Consequently, the sleepy Joe moniker given to the President seems befitting to the populace.

Truth be told, President Biden is perceived as weak, and his media optics do not command strength, reflect strong leadership, or exude confidence.

Meanwhile, Trump continues his political savvy by focusing on and promoting his Make America Great Again mantra, allowing the electorate to guess what that means.

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 Edited by Jesus Chan

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