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Why Customers Get Angry

Today, the marketplace is becoming more and more competitive. Consequently, customer service has become increasingly important to most companies.

Photo Credit: 9 year old Shirley Zhang.
Photo Credit: 9-year-old Shirley Zhang.

Notwithstanding, one can easily recite horror stories told by customers who have had poor customer service experience in their business transactions or dealings with companies.

The fact of the matter is customers get pissed off if they perceived that they are not getting good value for money as well as have a sense of being shafted by a company.

Now, to deal with customers when their emotions are at a boiling point requires both tact and diplomacy on the part of customer service representatives.

In fact, it is the customer service representative who has to bear the brunt of the customer’s rage and has the responsibility of finding ways to defuse any form of anger displayed by customers.

Now, in general, some of the reasons customers get angry are:

1) Long wait and delay in lines

2) Ping-ponging – that is being passed from one employee or department to another while trying to resolve a problem

3) Service indifference

4) Repetition of bad experience in service

5) Perception of being shafted by a company and a sense of being taken for granted

6) Long and unwieldy bureaucratic transaction process

7) Put on hold and having to wait for a long time on the telephone

8) System failure during business transaction

9) Changes in company policies without customer notification

10) False and misleading communication

The truth is, given the value and the role customers play in a business, excellent customer service should be a no-brainer, but clearly it’s not.

Of course, customers do not become dissatisfied because of problems, but the way how problems are handled.

Therefore, dealing effectively with customer complaints do not only win customer loyalty but also put a company in pole position against the competition.

Barbara Greene, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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