Why Are Some People Naturally Slim?


Have you ever wondered why some people remain slim regardless of their food intake? No doubt many people will argue, it’s all in the genes, but is it, really?

The fact is more and more people are recognizing that to be overweight is harmful in many ways. Consequently, today, the quest for many people is to get rid of those additional pounds which expose them to ill health.

Now, here are some of the habits of the svelte that Bonnie Taub shared in an article on  that she has observed over the years that you may want to try today:

1. Eat at home more often and pack your lunch for work.

2. Leave some food over on your plate, especially when served big portions.

3. Check in with your stomach at mealtime to look for satiety signals.

4. Stop eating once you are full — don’t wait until you’re stuffed.

5. Don’t skip meals or go for too long without eating.

6. Use minimal butter and/or oil in meal preparation.

7. Participate in some form of exercise regularly.

8. Eat breakfast daily.

9. Fill up on low-calorie but highly nutritious foods. Fruits and veggies and broth-based soup were common responses from Slim by Design Registry members.

10. Pay attention to the way your clothing fits and feels. You should be comfortable in what you wear and should be able to fit into all of the clothing in your closet.

Readers Bureau,  Contributor