Why Are Masterpieces Tougher To Read?

Reading and understanding some books can be challenging and difficult to follow because of the writing style, structure, as well as the technique.

A writer on the popular forum had the following to say:

“Recently, I have been reading the book “Jane Eyre” in English. To my dismay, I found it difficult to understand it clearly, let alone appreciate the writing style and techniques and experience scenes the author describes and feel what she felt when writing this.”

Photo credit: - "How dare I, Mrs Reed? How dare I? Because it is the truth ,1847 (Second edition of Jane Eyre).
Photo credit: – “How dare I, Mrs Reed? How dare I? Because it is the truth ,1847 (Second edition of Jane Eyre).

The writer also noted that apart from Jane Eyre, reading other masterpieces such as Wuthering Heights, Moon, and Six Pence were a challenge.

The fact is classics are indeed difficult to understand and Jane Eyre as well as others is a challenge for native English speakers, let alone for those who are not.

Jane Eyre, for example, was written in old English and a style that is quite different from what obtains today.

The sentence style and structure is more complex than that found in much contemporary fiction.

However, does that mean one should toss books that are vintage classics?

Definitely not, what it means is a new approach should be used to treat with the problem.

A good idea is picking up a copy of an analysis of the book or search for an analysis online.

In addition, consulting with other people and asking for help is always a good start — the Internet provides a great forum in facilitating discussions of that sort.

The truth, is in a world of scholarly work and writing, one is bound to come across complex writing at some point and throwing in the towel is not an option.

At times, reading a more difficult book like Jane Eyre can provide one with a richer and more rewarding experience compared to a more modern, dialogue-centered story.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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