What’s Up With That?

The driver waived the “Pay as you enter” protocol for the passengers, opting instead to seat everyone quickly and send around the fare plate. This is a common courtesy and occurrence in many places though it may have been discontinued in our neck of the woods.


The fare plate and the implied honor system on which it is premised, to put it mildly, was taken for a ride. The operator designed another plan in which he separates the passengers he can trust to pay monthly and in advance, provides a brand-new luxury bus and the fare is less than what riders on the old bus pay. Did I mention that the riders on the old bus must pay as you enter?  And if you ride the old bus, I hope you ask, “What’s up with that?”, and answer it from the indignity we caused or kept quiet about as the fare plate was pilfered.

 Being treated as a second-class citizen hurts, and the fix is not so much in complaining that we are being treated differently- which is a fact- but to ask, “Going forward, what must I do to invest trust in a system that has bled it to my detriment?”

 Being clever by half separates you from your dignity and your integrity, whether you are found out or not, but without these vital identifiers of who you are, inevitable you pay more for less, and diminishes you in your own eyes.

“What’s up with that?” Beyond the arguments of what’s fair or not, even if you successfully win the point or it is conceded, to be diminished in your own eyes is a mortal wound.

The pain of a devalued dollar that is not the equal of rough toilet paper hurts, but it’s not arbitrary. It reflects how we are viewed. The greater loss, I think, is that we are focused on the dollar’s buying power- or lack thereof-without becoming aware that our commitment to repair the harm we caused or occasioned – intentional or not- can revalue us in our eyes and others, and a resurrected you can justify any faith or trust placed in you, and subsequently revalue your store of value.

“So, what is a dollar worth?”

“Depends on whose integrity is on the line. Nonetheless, if your money is short or nil and your integrity is good, allow me the pleasure of a good, water come to my eyes laugh, and please, do introduce yourself as I send the fare plate in the dark by you. Well?

“No need to check, Interesting? “

We forge a new and joyful experience by recognizing that our past can be forgiven, not so much by our lament but by our relent.

It may well be true to all who saw that you were pushed viciously to the ground. What’s up with that? Or that I have repaid more than was owed? It’s a hard and confusing thing to claim to be a victim while asking for debt relief and a new loan. At what point do we concede that the ledgers we compare and complain about, from high interest rate to devalued dollar is a measure of the safe passage we extend to the unsupervised fare plate?

So, what’s up with that? The restored soul is boundless.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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