What Never To Do When A Relationship Ends

We’ve all been there. One moment it feels like you’re destined to marry your sweetheart; the next the fire has turned in to cold ice. Whether you’ve realized it or not, there’s a certain etiquette to breaking up.

A certain set of rules you must adhere to so as not to lower your reputation as a person and a partner. It’s mighty tempting to want to scratch the side of your ex’s car with your keys, but this doesn’t accomplish anything.

What Never To Do When A Relationship EndsDignity is your friend during this up and down period. When ending a relationship, don’t walk away with bitterness. Your partner is human, too. They aren’t perfect, not even close, you must accept that.

While you don’t have to remain good friends if you don’t want to, don’t ruin your future by looking too closely at the past.

How you choose to go about your rehabilitating from a broken heart is up to you. You can jump right into the party scene and feel 21 again if you choose to. It’s equally acceptable to stay at home for a week watching movies and eating Doritos.

What you mustn’t do though is let yourself get into a rut. If ever a few days pass when you don’t go outside, and don’t shower stop. Re-evaluate. This isn’t healthy. You have every right to grieve, but not to self destruct.

The same applies for questionable decisions, too. Are you taking this new person home because you’re attracted to them, or are you just sore?

It may not feel like it, but breakup is just the beginning of a new chapter. Use the time afterwards to prepare yourself for the adventures that soon await you.

Remember when one door is closed, many more are opened – don’t give up!

Readers Bureau Contributor