What Makes Trump Angry?

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon - Donald Trump.
Photo Credit: Michael Vadon – Donald Trump.

There is no letup for leading Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

On the campaign stump at a rally in Iowa, the Republican presidential front-runner made it clear that he wants to win the Iowa caucuses.

He targeted the Obama Administration for severe criticism after Iran freed 10 U.S. sailors on Wednesday, a day after detaining them aboard two U.S. Navy patrol boats in the Gulf.

“Does everyone agree? I mean some people said ‘well they let them out, I thought that was humiliating for the United States to have these people on their knees with their hands up and guns at their head and then we have Kerry saying ‘wasn’t it wonderful that they let them go. I think it was disgraceful,” argued Trump.

Trump also reeled off a host of issues that has made him angry.

“I am angry. I am angry at stupidity, I’m, angry at incompetence, I’m angry when China’s making 500 billion dollars a year and sucking our jobs and sucking our money out of our country….I am angry about a lot of things, and I won’t be angry for long because once we straighten it out I am a very happy person,” said Trump.

Following last Thursday night’s Republican debate, a Google snap poll showed viewers believed Trump, who in the most recent debates was at times less engaged, won the night with 37.3 percent to Cruz’s 26.6 percent and Rubio’s 12.1 percent.

Trump narrowly trails U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in recent opinion polls in Iowa.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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