What Is Your True Life’s Purpose?

LIfeMany of us can recall being asked at a very young age “what it is you wish to be when we grow up?” Then there are those adults who are so accomplished and admired for their skill, expertise, and passion who recount that they knew from early in life what they wanted to do with their life.

Parents, guardians, teachers, and coaches often play a key role in discovering talent and gifts in children which they help to nurture and develop. In some Eastern culture s, a child is selected based on certain manifestations, taken in, and trained by monastic teachers to be a holy leader. This is the path taken by a Dalai Lama who is an enlightened being.

The Pope had his realization that he was being called to the priesthood when he was a young man. His childhood friends recall how different he was from his peers. His humility, concern, and love for the less fortunate were evident in how he lived his life. Today he serves humanity irrespective of race, color, or creed.

How can you know your life’s purpose?

We all have the potential to live a purposeful or meaningful life. It is what drives us to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of humanity; conserve other species and the protection of the environment. Many who discover their purpose came to that realization through life’s experience or ‘hard knocks’ such as:

  1. Surviving a life-threatening experience.
  2. Experiencing a life changing moment.

Having persons affirm a unique gift or talent that you have can set you on the path to pursue developing the gift. Many use that same gift and empathy to help vulnerable groups including homeless persons and indigenous cultures. Missionaries have a strong calling to live a self-less life and serve in some of the most challenging situations.

Explore your life’s purpose by answering these questions:

  • What gifts, talents or skills do you have that could benefit others?
  • Who are the persons who move and inspire you and why?
  • If you were invited to join a movement which one would it be?
  • What do you feel passionate about and could do for days?

Tips to get started on your mission

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Create your mission statement which reflects:
    • What you plan to do.
    • How you plan to get it done.
    • What impact you wish to make.
  • Develop an implementation plan that includes:
    • Things to do and specific activities
    • Who will be responsible for what
    • Resources needed
    • Target dates for completion of specific tasks
  • Do a budget
  • Recruit support and built a network
  • Raise funds to get started (if you need start-up capital)
  • Commit to a start date and stick to it.

Remain true to your mission and do not be discouraged or distracted by others. Believe in your life’s purpose and let your passion and enthusiasm fuel your drive to succeed.

Hello_docjam, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Editing by Jesus Chan

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