What Are The Best Study Methods?

Who likes to study, raise your hand? I see only a few hands go up. The fact is not many people like to study and for the most part, many do because it is part of what one is expected to, in order to succeed and play a meaningful role in a society.

Study MethodsNow, in responding to the question, what are the best study methods? Bob Ashley, writing on the popular social media forum, has a rather compelling take-away in his answer to the question. He writes thus:

1. Immersion through multiple, different sources.

Don’t rely solely on repeated encounters with the assigned text(s). Get a bunch of input from different sources. The basics will be redundant, helping to solidify your learning foundation, but because the delivery of information is varied, you’re much more apt to remain an attentive. You’re looking for “resonant” descriptions that leave an imprint on you, like that oh-so-special teacher you had in grade three.  This is important because so many textbooks suck at delivery, but not all in the same ways. A particular (or peculiar) diagram in a book you found on your own at the library could be the answer to your dream of an intelligible exposition/illustration of Concept ‘X’.

2) Mind maps.

Sketch, doodle, devised insane visual or auditory or tactile correlations. A series of dry interrelated concepts could become a banana tree whose hanging fruit are yellow trucks, high heels, jewels, and oak saw horses. Absurdity makes abstractions memorable.

3) Frequent re-visits.

Like with your sick friend, or mom, frequent, but brief touchdowns signal the importance you place on the nearness of your inter-relationship, in this case, with knowledge.

4) Sit in the room where you’ll be examined…ahead of the scheduled exam time, with your material.

Connect details of the material with the room’s character, its blinds, paint chips, ceiling tiles, light switches, color, and ambience. Entering the examination room ought to be a metaphorical return to the cozy comfort of the womb. Your material, will “be” the room and it will feel “warm” because you took the time to make it so…ahead of time. You’ve prepared your relation within the environment for your very best performance.

5) If in university, pick courses as early as possible, and start doing light, but frequent readings on the subject every day through the summer, before fall semester starts.

You might even find a favorite author! Your relaxed familiarity with the upcoming material, on day one, class one, will deliver you huge momentum to help carry you throughout the term. You’re on your bike, accelerating well before the foot of that big hill you’re about to ascend. Get a running start.

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