“West Indies Could Win ICC World T-20 In India In 2016!”

West Indies could win ICC’s next World T-20 tournament, to be held in India in March and April 2016, but that win would depend on many computations and selections.

I had also predicted, boasted even, during R. Allen Stanford’s 2008 T-20 tournament, that WI not only should, but would win World T-20 2012, as even by 2008, it was patently obvious that the T-20 format was best suited for our players and offered better possibilities for further WI success.

So, WI’s last international tournament win in 2012 at WT-20 in Sri Lanka did not surprise me. Oh, I have proof of that prediction too!

Also, by 2008, despite stalwarts Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Ramnaresh Sarwan, WI cricket had descended into being an international joke, with batsmen being selected to play Tests for WI without even one first-class century, while others seemed incapable of thinking through any game that lasted even one day.

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