West African Bloc Activates Standby Force To Restore Order In Niger

The West African regional bloc ECOWAS has ordered the activation of its standby force, while holding out hope of peacefully restoring the constitutional government in Niger after the July 26 coup there.

The announcement came Thursday in a communique read at the end of a regional summit in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

But Niger’s junta leaders snubbed the regional gathering’s attempt to negotiate a peaceful end to the turmoil, instead naming a new government with 21 ministers.

Three coup leaders were named as the heads of the ministries of defense, interior and sports. No further plans were given in the announcement on state television.

The naming of a new government is the latest rebuff to regional leaders and follows the junta’s defiance of a Sunday deadline to reinstate ousted President Mohamed Bazoum.
Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States met to discuss the Niger crisis and agree on a plan of action. The regional bloc has said that it could use force if necessary to restore constitutional order in Niger.


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