We Will Be Able To Vanquish Any Enemy

Israel’s centrist politician Benny Gantz has declared that through determination, fortitude, and resilience Israel will prevail against all odds and ultimately succeed in the end.

He posited, “After October 7, we’ve shown our determination, we’ve shown our fortitude, we’ve shown our resilience and our ability to face any challenges.”

“We will never return to October 6, not before our enemies and not domestically and I tell you with full confidence if we remain strong on the inside. We will be able to vanquish any enemy” said Benny Gantz.

He stated that Hamas leader in Gaza Yaha Sinwar “does not care about his people, and he sees no problem whatsoever with his people being killed as far as we’re concerned.”

We will do everything in our power to bring our captives back home. We said behind closed doors what we need to do, these are very sensitive topics that I cannot discuss in public.”

Readers Bureau, Contributor

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