Uriah Preach

Uriah PreachMy family is not nobodies
My daughter Sue teaches
And when rain falls or Parson is sick
My son Uriah preaches!

Last Sunday, it rained so much Parson
Couldn’t leave his yard
People were in church and so
Uriah got to show off

He climbed up on the pulpit, he
leaned over, he looked down
he looked at all our enemy
And lashed them with his tongue

The first one he took on, was Lize
Who told a lie on him,
He stared in her face and said,
“Thou art the mouthy-mouthy”

He said “Thou art worrisome!”
“Thou art meddlesome!”
And then he looked at me and said
“Thou are the slaughtered lamb!”

He took on Teacher Brown, for when
he was the size of a dot
Teacher beat him one day because
he called Teacher “top-knot.”

So ‘Riah got his revenge
For he stared straight at Brown
And said, “let him that sitteth’’ on
The house-top not come down!”

He took on Butcher Jones, who is noted
For selling scraps of meat
He said, “Thou shalt not give thy neighbors
Crap to eat!”

He cursed them, they knew it was them
Their hearts were full to the brim
But as “Riah was in the Pulpit
They couldn’t back-answer him!

So when a church member bothers me, I
Don’t answer till it reaches
A rainy-day when Parson stays
Home, and Uriah preaches.

For the original in Jamaican patois read more