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Unstoppable Manchester City


When Manchester City got the better of Manchester United in the eagerly anticipated Manchester derby on Sunday, December 10, it was their 14th straight league victory of the season; they have since gone on to win against Swansea and Tottenham making it 16 consecutive wins! This is the best start to a premier league season in the history of the English game, and there has been the talk of City emulating the great Arsenal team of 2004 by going through the entire season without defeat and becoming” Invincibles.” 

The Invincible Arsenal team of 2004 won 26 matches and drew 12 in the season.

I will examine some of the possible feats that this outstanding Manchester City team can achieve this season and in the process rewrite the history books of the English Premier League.

One of the exciting prospects that will keep soccer fans on the edge of their seats this season is whether Manchester City can complete the season undefeated.

This is a definite possibility since this City team is playing at a higher level than every other team in the league; they are also supremely confident and importantly find a way to win even when they are not playing their best football. These are qualities of a real championship team, however, away ties to Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal will probably be their most significant challenges to achieving “Invincibility.”

Aficionados and fans, as well as pundits, will continue to watch with great anticipation to see whether City can accomplish this incredible feat, with the tactical genius of Pep Guardiola in their camp, it will not be surprising if they do!

Another exciting possibility is Manchester City becoming the first team in the history of the premier league to tally 100 points in a season. The record to date is 95, achieved by Chelsea in the 2004-05 season. To accomplish this, City needs to tally at least 48 points from the maximum 60 available for the rest of the season.

If they continue to play in the same vein, they should achieve this feat. This will be a significant achievement for a team in the fiercely competitive English Premier League and would raise the bar of what is possible in the league.

Also, Manchester City is playing in four competitions this season – The Premier League, The League Cup, The FA Cup and the Champions League. There is the distinct possibility of City triumphing in these competitions based on their form and the insatiable desire for success that they have shown so far this season.

They also have the requisite depth in their squad to compete and win all four competitions. They will topple the record of the Manchester United team of 1999 that won the treble of the Champions League, The FA Cup, and the Premier League – United lost to Tottenham in the League Cup quarter-final, so they did not sweep all four competitions.  If Manchester City manages to achieve this feat, it would be a first in the history of English football.

Fans are excited about the ability of this Manchester City Team to achieve unprecedented success and rewrite the history of the English game.

They already have the premier league title in the bag. However, fans wait to see if they will become “invincibles,” accumulate 100 points in the premier league or win all four competitions that they are playing in this season.

Fans will be watching!

Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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