University Of The West Indies Seeks International Students

According to a report, the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies will now be making a new strategic move to attract students from outside region.

Photo Credit: University Of The West Indies,
Photo Credit: University Of The West Indies,

This new move is predicated on the back of a decrease in enrollment due to the introduction of tuition fees imposed on local students.

The campus has witnessed a 33 percent decrease in its student population, thus forcing a change in strategy.

The university campus has a capacity of 10,000 students, according to its principal Eudine Barriteau; however, only 6,065 students are currently enrolled.

“I want everyone to understand quite clearly that our core mission is educating Barbadian and Caribbean students. So we’re attracting international students, but they become the topping up. We’re not going to move from our core mission,” Barriteau reportedly said.

The campus is currently targeting the Central American countries of Costa Rica, and Panama, and their neighbors to the south, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela.

“We are engaged in conversations with colleagues in Brazil. We have a strong Brazil project on which we are working, and beyond the hemisphere we are looking also at Asia, we’re looking at Africa.

“And so what we are trying to do in UWI on all of our campuses, and with Cave Hill taking the lead in this regard, we are seeking to make our programmes, our skills our capacities available on a global basis,” Vice-Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles told reporters.

According to Sir Hilary, a recent economic impact assessment of the Cave Hill campus conducted by economics professor Dr. Winston Moore showed that as a business enterprise, Cave Hill generates as much foreign exchange on an annual basis as many other sectors in the economy.

“The Moore report showed that the Cave Hill campus is a net earner of foreign exchange and contributes about 2.5 per cent to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of this country,” he noted.

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