UN Secretary-General Underscores The Value Of Multilateralism

While addressing the current war situation in Ukraine, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted that the events on the ground had produced a negative global impact.

He said we are currently faced with “a dramatic acceleration of the increases of the prices for food and energy, that was already taking place in the last year, are causing enormous suffering to hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable people worldwide.”

He noted that the combined effect of the war and pandemic has made a dire situation worse, especially for developing countries.

He said the war “comes on top of the shock of the continued COVID-19 pandemic and uneven access to resources for recovery, that particularly penalize developing countries around the world.”

 “So, the sooner peace is established, the better – for the sake of Ukraine, Russia, and for the world,” he added.

 He further stated that “It’s very important, even in this moment of difficulty, to keep alive the values of multilateralism.”

 “We need a world that is multipolar, with multilateral institutions, and those multilateral institutions must abide by the UN Charter and by international law – and by the UN Charter and by international law, recognizing full equality among States, they hopefully will be an instrument that will allow us, once again, to come together as humankind and address the dramatic challenges we face, from climate change to epidemics and to many others, and in which the only war we should have would be a war of those that put the planet at risk,” the UN Secretary-General posited.

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