UN Rights Chief Urges Iran To Decriminalize ‘Mandatory Veiling Laws’

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights is urging Iran to decriminalize mandatory veiling laws, warning that the harassment of women, including what they do or do not wear, appears to have intensified as street protests have died down.

“Women and girls face increasingly stringent legal, social, and economic measures in the authorities’ enforcement of discriminatory compulsory veiling laws,” Volker Türk told reporters in Geneva Wednesday. “I urge the government to heed Iranians’ calls for reform, and to begin by repealing regulations that criminalize non-compliance with mandatory dress codes.

In the past few days, state authorities presented a bill to Parliament that would result in additional restrictive and punitive measures on women and girls who fail to comply with the country’s compulsory veiling laws, including financial fines and social exclusions.


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