UN Chief Urges Robust Multinational Force For Haiti

NEW YORK — United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is calling on the international community to “act now” and deploy a robust non-U.N. armed force to Haiti to support the national police in stopping the gang violence overwhelming the island nation.

“Nothing short of the robust use of force, complemented by a suite of non-kinetic measures, by a capable specialized multinational police force enabled by military assets, coordinated with the national police, would be able to achieve these objectives,” Guterres told the 15-nation U.N. Security Council in a report seen by VOA on Tuesday.

In October, Haiti’s prime minister asked the Security Council to urgently send an international force, but it has taken months for a handful of countries to step forward to consider sending police.

In his report, the U.N. chief welcomed Kenya’s announcement earlier this month that it is considering leading a potential multinational force. He also acknowledged pledges of support from the Bahamas and Jamaica, and announcements made by Antigua and Barbuda to consider contributing to the force.


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