U.S. — COVID-19 Vaccine In Final Stage

A vaccine against COVID-19 developed by United States biotech firm Moderna will enter the third and final stage of its clinical trial in July with 30,000 people, the manufacturer has announced.

Some will get the real shot and some a dummy shot as scientists carefully compare which group winds up with the most infections.

Meanwhile, with far fewer COVID-19 cases in China, Sinovac Biotech has shifted their attention to Brazil, the epicenter of Latin America’s outbreak, for at least part of its final testing.

The government of São Paulo announced recently that Sinovac will ship enough of its experimental vaccine to test in 9,000 Brazilians starting next month.

If it works, “with this vaccine we will be able to immunize millions of Brazilians,” said São Paulo´s Gov. Joao Doria.

Companies, however, are yet to publish findings of how their shots fared in smaller, earlier-stage studies designed to check for serious side effects and how well people’s immune systems respond to different doses.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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