U.S. COVID-19 Misery Continues

The United States continues to be the most infected country in the world with coronavirus disease.

The country has registered 5,000,603 cases and 162,441 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University’s latest report.

“The United States just passed 5 million reported infections of COVID-19,” tweeted, former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden and Trump’s opponent in the upcoming November general election.

“It’s a number that boggles the mind and breaks the heart. Each time the number goes up, it represents a life altered, a family stricken with anxiety, a community on edge. It shouldn’t have gotten this bad.”

President Trump’s handling of the crisis has come under scrutiny with polls showing a large majority of the population unhappy with his leadership on the matter.

The country has witnessed unemployment in double digits, disruption of business by lockdowns, the rapid spread of COVID-19, and loss of benefits due to expired relief measures.

Carol May, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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