Twelve-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth: 52 -Year-Old Cousin Sent To Prison!


A Twelve-year-old girl, who was raped and left pregnant by her 52-year-old cousin, has given birth to a daughter she has named Tashay, while the man who raped her has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after a DNA test proved he is the father of baby Tashay.

Alicia’s story first came to light in a Jamaica Sunday Gleaner report earlier this year.

At that time, the girl’s mother claimed that her little daughter had been sexually exploited by her cousin and another man at 11 years old.

Twelve-Year-Old Girl Gives BirthThe case was recently heard in the Clarendon Circuit Court after several previous court appearances.

However, no reason was given by the police or court why the case was tried in camera.

After the story seized headlines in the newspaper, the Police High Command launched an investigation into the conduct of the cops in the Clarendon-based police station where the 12-year-old girl’s case had been reported by relatives and other concerned individuals on several occasions without much prior response.

The little girl has now been taken out of the custody of her mother and placed in a home by the Child Development Agency (CDA).

She is reportedly receiving life skills training despite her initial claims that she was prepared to deal with a baby.

She is also likely to be enrolled in one of the centers for pregnant teens come September, to prepare her for her new role as a mother and to continue her education.

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