Trump Returns To The Campaign Trail With A Bang

After his and porn star Stormy Daniels court episode in the past week former President Donald Trump hit the campaign trail over the weekend.

Speaking before tens of thousands of people in Wildwood, New Jersey, Trump called the hush money case a “sham.”

He mocked Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg as “Fat Alvin.” He insulted the judge overseeing the case as “corrupt” and “highly conflicted.” And according to Trump, President Joe Biden was to blame for it all.

“As you know, I’ve come here from New York, where I’m being forced to endure a Biden show trial — all done by Biden,” Trump said.

He argued that he is being persecuted because he’s running for president and is leading in the polls.

“All of this persecution is only happening because I’m running for president. If I wasn’t leading in the polls by a lot and running for president, they wouldn’t be after me. I’d have a nice place. I’d be down in Palm Beach. I’d be traveling the world,” said Trump.

He compared himself to the infamous gangster Al Capone, which has become a regular bit on the campaign trail.

“Al Capone was so mean that if you went to dinner with him and he didn’t like you, you’d be dead the next morning. And I got indicted more than him. On bullshit, too. Just bullshit,” Trump said. The crowd erupted into cheers of “bullshit.”

Trump also criticized President Biden over his pledge to withhold weapons from Israel if it launches any assaults on the highly populated city of Rafah.

“He has truly set the world on fire,” Trump said. “This week, he announced that he will withhold shipping weapons to Israel as they fight to eradicate Hamas terrorists in Gaza. That was shocking to hear it, even as there are still American hostages being held by Hamas.”

And Trump vowed to deport any foreign student who brings “jihadism or antisemitism” to U.S. college campuses, saying that America’s biggest enemies are “from within.”

“The enemies from within are more dangerous to me than the enemies on the outside. Russia and China we can handle, but these lunatics within our government that are going to destroy our country, we have to get it stopped,” Trump said. “They’re not on the right, they’re on the left.”

He also repeated his criticism of NATO countries on not pulling its weight, the loophole at the border, quality of immigrants, and trade with China.

Readers Bureau, Contributor

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