Trump in Gay Care Mode

Donald Trump, the Republican Party presumptive presidential nominee said he would be a better president for women and the LGBT community than Hillary Clinton.

Trump made the claim while speaking at a campaign rally in Dallas.

He said, I respect women and I will do so much better for women.”

He also claimed that Hillary has taken a lot of money from countries that enslaved women such as Saudi Arabia and she should be made to give it back.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

“As far as gays are concerned ok, think of it, they throw gays off the roofs, they kill them, countries that contribute to her foundation and she should give all that money back to all these countries,” said Trump.

In an earlier address in New Hampshire, Trump posited the view that “Hillary Clinton can never claim to be a friend of the gay community as long as she continues to support immigration policies that bring Islamic extremists to our country who suppress women, gays and anyone who doesn’t share their views.”

He also added that “She can’t claim to be supportive of these communities while trying to increase the number of people coming in who want to oppress them.”

“Ask yourself,” he further said, “who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community: Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? Clinton wants to allow radical Islamic terrorists to pour into our country — they enslave women and murder gays. I don’t want them in our country, he continued.”

Trump also asserted after the Orlando massacre that a victory for Hillary Clinton would lead to the mass murder of gay people across the USA.

On the other hand, in a Gallup survey in May, Trump is viewed favorably by a mere 18 percent of LGBT voters, versus 54 percent for Clinton.

(Trump has also boasted strong support among Latinos, a community in which he’s viewed unfavorably by 89 percent of voters, according to a new poll.)

According to a press report Trump is said to be working to open a luxury hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s second-largest city.

Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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