Trump Ignores Non-Whites In His Supreme Court 11

Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has unveiled the names of eleven judges that he would consider to fill the vacant position left by the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

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Trump’s list is made up of eight men and three women – all white and conservative.

Six of them are judges who were appointed to federal appeals courts around the country by Republican former President George W. Bush. The other five serve on various state supreme courts.

Should Trump win the November election his replacement would tip the ideological balance of the court, which now is evenly divided with four conservative justices and four liberals.

Scalia, who died in February, was one of the court’s most conservative justices.

It now appears that Trump is doing everything to prove that a leopard can indeed change its spot.

Trump’s unconventional campaign no doubt is making the Democrats dizzy as he will do or say anything to win the upcoming general election.

It is unusual for a presidential candidate to release names of potential Supreme Court or Cabinet nominees before winning an election.

This is similar to Ted Cruz one of Trump’s former rival in the primary, naming a Vice-President before winning nomination of his party as the presidential candidate.

Trump’s eleven include:

Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, a judge on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

William Pryor of Alabama, a judge on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Diane Sykes of Wisconsin, a judge on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Allison Eid of Colorado

Joan Larsen of Michigan

Thomas Lee of Utah

David Stras of Minnesota

Don Willett of Texas.

Steven Colloton of Iowa

Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania

Raymond Kethledge of Michigan

President Barack Obama earlier this year nominated centrist appellate court judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacant slot.

However, the Republican controlled Senate has refused to grant Garland confirmation hearings or a vote.

In response to Trump’s announcement, the Obama administration spokesman Josh Earnest, at his daily briefing, said he would be surprised if any Democrat would describe any of Trump’s picks “as a consensus nominee.”

“But the individual President Obama has put forward is somebody that Republicans have described as a consensus nominee,” Earnest said of Garland, adding that it would be wise for the Senate to act on Obama’s nominee.

Barbara Greene, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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