Trump Gets Ready To Meet Kim In Hanoi Summit

President Trump maintains his positive outlook for a win with North Korea’s strong man President Kim Jong-un, “and I hope we have the same good luck as we had in the first summit,” he said.

He noted that a lot was achieved from the first summit and boasted the following as part of his achievement, “no more rockets going up, no more missiles going up, no more testing of nuclear. Get back our remains, the remains of our great heroes from the Korean War. And we got back our hostages.”

The president also noted that China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan have been playing an important role in offering their help for a breakthrough deal with North Korea.

“Russia’s been helping us. And South Korea, I think you can say, has been — we’ve been working very closely with South Korea, with Japan. But China, Russia on the border have really been at least partially living up to what they’re supposed to be doing, and that’s OK, as per the United Nations,” said the President.

He stated further that the meeting will be held on the 27th and 28th of February and that he is looking forward to seeing Chairman Kim.

“We have also established a very good relationship, which has never happened between him or his family and the United Nations. They have really taken advantage of the United States. Billions of dollars have been paid to them,” remarked the President.

He said that he would ensure that past mistakes are not repeated and posited the view that North Korea holds good economic potential.

“And we — we won’t let that happen, but we think that North Korea and Chairman Kim have tremendous potential as an economic force, economic power. Their location between South Korea and then Russia and China, right smack in the middle, is phenomenal. And we think they have a great chance for tremendous economic prosperity in the future. So, I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim in Vietnam,” stated the President.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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