Trump Capturing The Attention Of New Voters

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon - Donald Trump.
Photo Credit: Michael Vadon – Donald Trump.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is apparently putting fire under the tail of the electorate as they are coming out in their droves to lend him their support.

A large number of the electorate has not only found the billionaire and real estate magnate abrasive style appealing but also see him as new and different in America’s politics.

However, the Republican establishment would do anything to see Trump go away as for many he does not fit the mold of whom they deemed as a conservative, or see him as a candidate who will be able to win the White House in the November Presidential election.

Notwithstanding, Trump continues to capture the attention and the heart of the disenchanted as well as new voters around the country and his poll numbers are reflecting this among Republican voters.

According to a Reuters poll, Donald Trump is dominating among voters who have either never took part in electoral politics, or haven’t in a long time.

Chris Khan, Reuter’s poll editor noted that Trump’s support is somewhat different from the norm. He said, “They tend to be a little more male, they are much whiter than the typical voter, they tend to have lower levels of educational attainment, lower levels of income and they tend to be a little bit older.”
The composition of Trump’s “new voters” profile according to Reuter’s poll consists primarily of:

18 – 24 age group – 24%

White – 83%

Without college degree – 66%

Make less than $50 K – 60%

Trump has argued that he is expanding the Republican Party’s base which he views as good and will serve the party’s interest well in the November Presidential election.

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