Trump Blowing Trumpet Of War

What the hell was that? President Trump goes prime time to do a national comb over of his views on race relations and announce with a great thumping of his chest, a commitment to winning a war to avoid defeat. Bowl me over with a feather!

This strategy is one of obfuscation for victory. It’s akin to moving our troops and resources behind a smokescreen to keep the enemy off balance, except we are not committing significant and overwhelming resources to dictate a favorable outcome.

So, what the hell is this national broadcast about change in strategy in Afghanistan about? A change in focus or changing the conversation?

President Trump would have redeemed himself with a simple, “I was wrong concerning Charlottesville, and my views are evolving,” rather than a lecture, sincere or not, about our obligations to a race neutral society. Why can’t the President bring himself to say sorry?

 This is strange. For we may be witnesses to a president pivoting to war and an appeal to unity when he has not conceded that concern personally.

This smokescreen may work, but not on the enemy.

The stalemate in Afghanistan is waiting for a negotiated agreement, and our side has lost territory and influence.

What exactly beyond rhetoric and publicly poking Pakistan in the eye is our strategy to compel the enemy to the negotiating table? Are we prepared for a massive surge? If not, then this was another image rehabilitation exercise by our Commander in Chief.

I hope I am wrong. Afghanistan’s war has been tough on our military.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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