Traveling With The Lonely Hearts Club

Traveling With The Lonely HeartsHave you ever taken a trip away, whether to a neighboring town or to the other side of the earth, only to find that you are having the time of your life… by yourself! You think about it, and then you realize “I am not having the time of my life, I am lonely!”

You look around and everyone is deep in conversation, laughing, taking selfies, dancing, eating ice creams together, lovers are holding hands, best friends are chatting up locals, and then there is you! You are sitting by yourself, an observer, sitting in the corner by your lonesome with your sad looking slice of pizza dripping all over you.

Ok, before we throw you a pity party, stop right there! The lonely hearts club is now officially a thing of the past for nomads of any age or gender. Before you plan your next “lonely” getaway, download one of the many amazing apps out there and connect with like-minded souls before you get on your next flight.

It’s so easy to find awesome people to meet up with wherever you might be! Yep, it’s as simple as that folks! This might be a lonely planet, but you don’t have to be a lone ranger!

Once you download a couple of these kick-ass apps, you are going to start thinking “wow, my life is so exciting!”

After all, travel is about meeting people, and people do make the place. With apps such as Travbuddy, Tipi or Backpackr you will get to connect with people who are also traveling to your part of the world, no matter how far away or isolated that part of the world is.

You can also meet locals to show you around, and you can specifically even look for people who have the same interests as you, whether that be knitting, kite-surfing or eating chocolate! So change your travels, change your life, and don’t be an observer anymore. Do this, and I guarantee you will have the best experiences and make lifelong friends.

Here are the names of a few more apps to check out: TravelBud, Traffle, Wherever, Stopover, TimePlace, Wander, Tripr, Ventoura, Meetup, Tenderfoot, Trippers, WayN, and you can even meet people through Instagram under specific location and travel hashtags.

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