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No Mining Allowed In Protected Areas Of Cockpit Country – Holness

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Mining and related activities will not be allowed in the segment of the Cockpit Country which has now been designated a protected area.

This was announced by the Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, who informed that to prevent such activities, the Government has issued the Mining (Prohibition) (Cockpit Country Protected Area) Notice, 2022.

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Overshadowed By Ukraine War, Yemen On Brink As Pledges Fall Short

The UN was seeking $4.3bn but it could raise only $1.3bn, with some major donors missing, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia.

The United Nations and aid groups have warned of grave consequences for Yemen after an international pledging conference failed to raise enough money to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the war-torn country.

Overshadowed by the conflict in Ukraine, aid-starved Yemen – already suffering the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the United Nations – is on the verge of total collapse.

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