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Support For Garvey Bill

Pan-Africanists say first national hero deserving of solo spot on new $100 note

Amidst raging debate over the images of national heroes and late prime ministers on new banknotes set to be released this year as the country marks its 60th anniversary of Independence, one bill has found favor with Rastafarians and Pan-Africanists — the $100 note that will feature the image of Marcus Garvey.

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As Ukraine War Rages, Israel Grapples With Fate Of Oligarchs

Several dozen Jewish tycoons from Russia are believed to have taken on Israeli citizenship or residency in recent years.

Israel is grappling with a situation that involves dealing with dozens of Jewish Russian oligarchs as Western nations step up sanctions on businesspeople with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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US, China Officials To Meet As Tensions Mount Over Russia

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is sending his national security adviser for talks with a senior Chinese official in Rome on Monday as concerns grow that China is amplifying Russian disinformation in the Ukraine war and may help Russia evade punishment from economic sanctions.

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Shanghai Imposes Tough Measures To Tackle Fresh COVID-19 Outbreak

East China’s Shanghai has introduced tough measures to tackle a recent surge in COVID-19 that has roiled the image of a highly regarded city during the pandemic.

A global financial hub, Shanghai has long been praised for containing COVID-19 with less life-disrupting yet highly effective measures, but the latest outbreak, the biggest in two years, has left people wondering about what exactly turned the exemplar city into one of those hardest-hit cities.

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