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US And Iranian Officials Suggest Nuclear Talks Nearing Conclusion

Iranian negotiator says deal is ‘closer than ever’ as US State Department stresses that days ahead will be ‘decisive’.

Talks in Vienna to revive the Iranian nuclear deal are nearing their conclusion, Iranian and US officials have suggested, raising hopes the agreement may soon be restored.

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UK Pledges $34 Million To Enhance Security In Indo-Pacific

SYDNEY — Britain committed $34 million to strengthen security in the Indo-Pacific as part of a pact with Australia, and the leaders of both countries expressed “grave concerns” about China’s policies in its far western region of Xinjiang.

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China Calls For Settling Ukraine Crisis Through Dialogue: MOFA

China has called on all relevant parties to settle the Ukraine crisis and related issues through dialogue and negotiation, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a press briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.

Wang made the remarks after Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers released a joint statement on Monday, saying they are ready to impose economic and financial sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine issue.

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