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University Hospital Under Pressure From COVID Patients

A number of patients in need of oxygen and medical attention at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in St Andrew Wednesday received care either in a driveway, a corridor, or under a tent in front of the Accident and Emergency Department due to a shortage of beds and space, resulting from an influx of patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jacquiline Bissasor-McKenzie has reported that bed capacity at most major hospitals across the island had reached 90 percent.

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Chinese Mission To UN Slams Anti-China Forces Fabricating Lies On Xinjiang

China expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to a virtual event organized by a handful of anti-China elements on the so-called “Uyghur Tribunal’s Judgement,” a spokesperson for the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations (UN) said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The so-called ‘tribunal’ and its ‘judgement’ are nothing, but a political farce directed by anti-China elements and a despicable desecration of law and truth,” according to the statement.

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Israeli Forces Violently Suppress Palestinian Protest In Naqab

Dozens of Bedouin Palestinian protesters wounded by Israeli forces who fired rubber-coated bullets, tear gas and stun grenades.

Beer al Sabe, Israel – Dozens of Palestinian Bedouins have been wounded in a crackdown by Israeli forces on a protest against continuing Israeli forestation work on land residents say they privately own near the southern city of Beer al-Sabe (Beer Sheva).

Some 500 protesters took part in Thursday’s demonstration, which began at 3 pm (13:00 GMT). They were met with hundreds of Israeli forces who fired rubber-coated bullets, tear gas, stun grenades, as well as skunk water.

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US High Court OKs Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers, Not Businesses

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a blow to President Joe Biden on Thursday, blocking his mandate that employees of large businesses be vaccinated against COVID-19 or face weekly testing.

At the same time, the nation’s highest court allowed a vaccination mandate for health care workers at facilities receiving federal funding.

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Russian Diplomat Refuses To Rule Out Military Deployment To Latin America

A top Russian diplomat on Thursday refused to rule out a military deployment to Cuba and Venezuela if the US and allies don’t stop military activities on Russia’s doorstep.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said he could “neither confirm nor exclude” the possibility of Russia sending military assets to Latin America.

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