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A Generation Will Bear The Scars Of COVID — IMF

A new assessment coming from International Monetary Fund (IMF) staff proffers the idea that, while fewer of the young have died due to COVID-19, they might bear the scars of the novel coronavirus pandemic for years.

IMF writer Ruchir Agarwal said in a blog published on Friday, “While the coronavirus has taken relatively more lives from older generations, younger people may feel the impact on their livelihoods for the duration of their working years. From this perspective, the economy, too, may have a kind of long COVID, with each generation bearing different scars.”

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On Oppn’s Inflation Charge, PM Modi Cites Pandit Nehru In Lok Sabha

Parliament: Amid protests from Congress benches, PM Modi said he was only trying to address their complaint that he did not invoke Nehru often.

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Israel PM Vows Action As Police Pegasus Spying Scandal Widens

Targets include ex-PM Netanyahu’s son, two aides, and two former officials suspected of leaking information to media.

Israel announced it was setting up a national inquiry on Monday after a newspaper reported illicit use by police of powerful spyware against confidants of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other public figures.

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Macron, Putin Meeting On Ukraine Crisis

French President Emmanuel Macron was meeting in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, trying to curb the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the Kremlin said in advance it does not expect any immediate resolution of its stalemate with the West.

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Which EU Countries Are Helping Ukraine Militarily?

Ukraine has asked European nations for military and defensive aid amid fears that Russia will invade the country.

But the question of arms deliveries to Ukraine remains controversial. Germany has been one of the most vocal opponents, with Luxembourg’s foreign minister Jean Asselborn saying it is “wrong to tell people that Russian military superiority over Ukraine can be balanced by sending weapons”.

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U.S. Should Not Go Further Down The Wrong Path: China’s UN Ambassador

The recent irresponsible, groundless, and biased remarks against China by the U.S. related to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xinjiang, and Taiwan have seriously poisoned the China-U.S. relations, China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Zhang Jun said on Sunday in a press statement.

He resolutely refuted the groundless accusations against China made by Linda Thomas Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, in her interview with CNN.

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