Top 10 places to Go on Valentine’s Day

Top 10 places to Go on Valentine's Day 2When it comes to enjoying Valentine’s Day, it’s all about how you define your kind of romance. Here are ten different getaways that can help you figure out how to celebrate your love your way.

1. Venice

You’ve probably heard of the Venetian in Las Vegas and the gondola rides…what could be more romantic than enjoying the original city? Imagine the image of the sunset hitting the water or the historic piazzas and canals. Nothing compares to the real deal.

2. Bali

Even though parts of Indonesia were hit hard by a monster monsoon in 2013, Bali in February is still one of the most beautiful destinations. It’s a tropical delight with warm, refreshing sea breezes and take a romantic bike ride through Monkey Forest Road or take a stroll through the Botanic Gardens.

3. Nashville

When you think of Nashville, you think of country music, not necessarily romance. But it’s a city with so much character that it’s hard not to enjoy the vibrant eclectic energy of this cosmopolitan city. You can enjoy a night of theater, live jazz under soft lights, and lots of laughter. The love of artistry is what makes Nashville a great romantic getaway.

4. Shanghai

While Shanghai is beautiful any time of year with their assortment of spas and resorts, visiting in February is a fortuitous treat. Around Valentine’s Day is the end of the lunar New Year and during the celebration the city is home to thousands of paper lanterns.

5. Positano

The jewel of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is a picturesque piece of an already stunning coastline. The city sits on the side of steep cliff overlooking the water. You have your choice of luxury hotels or rent a small cozy villa.

6. Roanoke Virginia

Right around the Blue Ridge Mountains is this quaint hub of local treasures that prove that the art of courtship isn’t dead. You and your Valentine can enjoy the old-time Grandin Theater. Afterwards, enjoy a soda shop or some delicious desert liquors. Roanoke is a heady combination southern charm with romance.

7. New World Meets Old France

Montreal is a modern city with old world class. You can have a choice of a horse-drawn carriage or you can enjoy the sunset atop Mount Royal for which the city is named. There are a host of cozy bistros and historic landmarks to enjoy in between snuggling on those cool nights.

8. River Seine

There is hardly a time when Paris isn’t beautiful. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Lovebirds can take a cruise down the River Seine, enjoy the exquisite chocolate shops experiencing the City of Light in all its romantic, Parisian glory.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a glittering city that’s between the sea and the mountains. The most amazing place to get some gorgeous views of the city is on the Star Ferry that’s been going strong since 1888.

10. A Cabin in the Carolinas

Imagine it’s snowing outside and you two are snuggled inside a private log cabin in front of a fire with not a care in the world.  And at night, you can enjoy the warmth of the outdoor hot tub as you try to count the millions of stars above you…or not.

Readers Bureau, Contributor