Top 10 Countries To Be A Mother

According to the Save the Children’s annual State of the world’s Mothers report, the top 10 countries to be a mother are:

  1. Norway
  2. Finland
  3. Iceland
  4. Denmark
  5. Sweden
  6. Netherlands
  7. Spain
  8. Germany
  9. Australia
  10. Belgium

The Save the Children’s latest report indexes the well-being of mothers and children in 179 countries – more than in any previous year. Norway, Finland and Iceland top the rankings this year. The top 10 countries, in general, attain very high scores for mothers’ and children’s health, educational, economic and political status.

The United States ranks 33rd. Somalia scores last among the countries surveyed. The 11 bottom-ranked countries – all but two of them from West and Central Africa – are a reverse image of the top 10, performing poorly on all indicators.

Conditions for mothers and their children in the bottom countries are grim. On average, 1 woman in 30 dies from pregnancy-related causes and 1 child in 8 dies before his or her fifth birthday.

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