Threads Versus Twitter 

Threads, the newest social-media app from Meta, rocketed past 100 million users less than a week after it went live.  

The explosive start from Mark Zuckerberg’s latest brainchild made it the fastest-growing app in history and took a significant bite out of Twitter’s traffic, according to the tracking company Cloudflare.  

The app has since been hailed as the Twitter replacement people have been clamoring for since Elon Musk’s takeover — and bungling — of the platform. 

While Threads does look eerily similar to Twitter, there are critical differences. 

Here are five differences between Threads and Twitter: 

1. Character limit: Threads allows users to write up to 500 characters per post, while Twitter limits unverified users to 280 characters. 

2. Video length: Threads lets users upload videos up to five minutes long, while Twitter restricts videos to two minutes and 20 seconds. 

3. Verification: Threads automatically transfers the blue badge from Instagram to verified users, while Twitter charges $8 a month for verified users to keep their badge. 

4. Messaging: Threads does not have a direct messaging feature, while Twitter allows users to send private messages, images, GIFs, and voice notes to each other. 

5. Availability: Threads is only available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, while Twitter can also be accessed via a website on desktop or laptop computers. 

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