Thompson-Herah — “No I Won’t Return To MVP Coach”

Two-time double sprint Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah has made it clear that she has no intention of returning to the camp of her former coach Stephen Francis.

In a press report, when asked whether she would consider returning to the camp of her former MVP coach, the double Olympic champion’s terse response was, “No, I won’t.”

At the same time, the fastest woman on the planet over 100 meters (10.54s) and the second fastest alive over 200 meters (21.53s), has decided to look to a new coach Shanika Osbourne to help her regain form and improvement on the track.

Osbourne noted that the current arrangement is temporary, and it’s left up to the Sprint star to decide whether the relationship would be made permanent going forward.

“It’s according to her, probably she’s trying to see how things work out to the end of the season and then she’ll make a decision, but it’s up to her,” said Osbourne.

She also noted that she had worked with the sprinter before at the MVP camp, so they are familiar with each other.

“I have been working with her since we have been at MVP, so it’s similar stuff; so, I’m just working with her for now. Not sure if it is going to be permanent, but just working with her for now”, said Osbourne who previously coached at Papine High School.

The sprint champion, who has been familiar with Osbourne since her time at MVP track club, believes the former MVP coach can help her return to her best form.

“She is a person who knows what she looking for and based on what we discussed and talked about, stuff that bothers my injury, we’re trying to prevent doing stuff that work it up or act it up…. [But] she knows me, like, for years now… so I know she will help me to get me back where I was before,” posited Thompson-Herah.

She also said her husband, Derron Herah, is still a part of her coaching team.

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