This book shall be read by the clergy, nobility, commoner, and journalist

This book is new; this book is different; this book is for the optimist and pessimist

This book shall speak to political, social, spiritual, and economic issues

This book shall argue for the pursuit of happiness, regardless of one’s status or dues

This book is against injustice, inequality, racism, fascism, and all forms of schisms

This book is against those who spread division, cause strife, and build chasms

This book will be dissed and wished away

This book, some will say, is just a lot of ray, ray

This book will be blacklisted and shun’

This book will be rated as written by a bum for fun

This book is not for pussies or sissies

This book is not shrouded in great mysteries

This book will not make the bestseller’s list

This book will not make the news without a twist

You will not look at this book

No, you will not buy this book

You will not read this book

This book will blow your mind

This book will be hard to find

This book will travel near and far

This book will be viewed as a cry for war, partisan war!

This book is without end if it’s passed on to a friend!


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Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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