Théoneste Bagosora A Former Colonel In Rwanda Massacre Dead At 80 In Prison

Photo credit: Cacahuate

Former Rwanda’s strong man Théoneste Bagosora is dead at age 80.

The former army colonel who was convicted for his role in the massacre of over 800,000 people in the 1994 genocide reportedly died in Mali, where he was serving a 35-year sentence.

Bagosora was found guilty by an UN-backed criminal tribunal and sentenced to life in prison; however, the time was later reduced.

According to a BBC report, Bagosora’s son Achille said his father died in a hospital in Bamako, where he was being treated for heart issues.

Around 800,000 people – mostly from the Tutsi ethnic group – were killed in 100 days during the genocide.

The massacres began after a plane carrying Rwanda’s then-President Juvenal Habyarimana was shot down on 6 April 1994, killing everyone on board.

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