The What Of A Thing

The recent articles opine on reality while pointing to the nature of reality as revealed by the patterns inherently embedded in its manifestations.

‘The what’ of a thing is important.  The why of it is more subtle, nuanced, and fundamental to more of the same, or enabling a turnaround.

Shouting “Fire!” in a theater is reckless at best or mischief at its worst- even as fire makes itself undeniably known.

In a world of Make-Believe, the actors and the viewers are trying to communicate essential truths and sanitized versions of the same metaphors such that one asks for urgent change while the other is either uncomfortably shocked or revels in the awesome status quo – which now includes the theater on fire.

This next article “Misfortune’s aim at Bullseye “, looks at the nature of error set in motion.

Misfortune’s aim at Bullseye, long denied and misunderstood for what is, was- back then as well as now- is improving. Let that sink in for a moment, even as with bewildered grief we are gathered here to mourn our anguished loss.

To this difficult and heartfelt question, “What more of my cupboard almost bare must I share?”, or “Can I give what I do not have?”, I’ll answer this way, “We do not share from our cupboards what is not in our hearts to give”. Let that sink in for a while.

So, as we gather at wakes and funerals – or are advised against them- how to protect Bullseye, God bless his soul, is a compelling rather than despairing call to fix what we have broken -unintentionally perhaps- yet deliberately set in stone.

We have inherited and enhanced a society steeped in insecurities, but more importantly, we privilege insecurities. All of us-bar none- have witnessed Insecurity’s capitulation to Exploration’s charms and watched not with horror and alarm but with fascination as mansions and careers are built from the tears and broken bodies of the distressed.

And we, with very few god almighty exceptions, can’t wait to get our turn at bat, for we have paid our dues. We charm to do harm. In the words of an observant and exhausted Jamaican,” A suh de thing set!”

I almost forgot the question you asked, which is just as well. For Bullseye will not R I P anymore securely if he is immortalized in song or dance or lionized with courage and bravery he found in his final moments.  Nor will disarming Misfortune of her weapon stop the bloody feud. It’s simply a case which is easier said than done- of unlearning what we had learned.

Another way to understand Bullseye’s dilemma- not Misfortune’s- he better off naked.

We become what we are defined by until and unless by God’s grace we are empowered to be more than footstool and point others and ourselves to do life without privileging insecurities. It does not take cash to care.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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