The Value Of Attitudes

It is not automatic that David wins against Goliath, or Tortoise prevails against Hare. Indeed, the size, strength, or proficiency of the incumbent may be legendary, but let it never be said about you that the shadow they cast was enough to blot out your sun or worse; that you assumed your fight with any Goliath was futile and defeat a foregone formality.

 Winning and losing, contrary to what you have been led to believe are not so much a matter of circumstances, resources, or talents but attitudes, focus, and discipline. Whatever comes your way never let it be said you are or were at a disadvantage or that someone else’s stature translates yours to some middling disability. That’s confounded logic that undermines and renders you useless like a dog with its tail between its legs.

Whatever race you are given or challenged to run, no matter who you run against, never be an underdog in your own mind or your own endeavors.

Bring your courage and your confidence to bear on all your affairs. Our pasts are not without blemishes and self-inflicted wounds. It could not be otherwise.

Yet what has littered our pathway is not so much the debris of yesterday’s unswept rubble of our misadventures but instead the fortress and barriers we construct from it to protect ourselves from trying less we fail spectacularly again. We cannot continue to be wounded warriors turned cowards or consider ourselves heroes for living recklessly.

I would rather lose money on the race run with courage and focus than win with raw talents and ideal circumstances. The light by which you see should radiate to the sun.

There is no limit to who we are, save for the barriers we erect to protect ourselves from being the laughingstock in our pantomime and comedy of errors. Take time to recover and enjoy our foray into the future.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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