The Two Trendiest Electro-Gifts For Xmas

christmas giftEveryone and their kid have something electronic that they dream of finding in their Christmas stocking on the morning of the 25th… When Santa leaves you something electronic it’s great, but when he leaves you something electronic and uber-trendy… then there’s really something to show off about! Some of the coolest items people are gushing over and adding to their wish lists this Christmas season are the Fuji Instax camera and the Instacube frame.

The Fuji Instax Mini 8

Remember the days of old polaroids? Well, ok some of us do, and some of us just love the uber-cool vintage look of things. Whether you are nostalgic or a bit of a hipster, this little puppy is sure to bring a sparkle to your eye. Mixing the old vintage style with new tech, Fuji have come up with a brilliant little product. The camera comes in three different candy colors, and is small and light enough to hold comfortably in one hand. Smile, click the button, and you are away! The cute little polaroids that come out are priceless, you can draw on them, put them on your wall, give them as gifts, they are the ultimate souvenirs. Unlike the older polaroid cameras from the 80s and earlier on, you now can adjust brightness settings and much more. This is such a cool little gift for a friend… or even a cool little gift to self!

Instacube WIFI 500

Let’s be honest here, many of us are Instagram-obsessed! To many of us, it does seem such a pity to have one’s beautiful pics hidden away on a phone app and not displayed for the pleasure of all! We take great pride in our Instagram pics, we get our “Instagram Husbands” to slave over the perfect picture of us, we spend hours deciding on the perfect filter, and then that very picture is hidden away as newer pics take precedence. It just doesn’t seem right. Not anymore! You can now synch up your Instacube frame to your Instagram account through an app, and tah dah! Your gorgeous collection of photography will be displayed on a loop for anyone walking into your home, store or office. There is also a button on the side so you can “heart” photos.

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